Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Real Estate with e-webstyle

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Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Real Estate with e-webstyle

Having an online presence has become essential for today’s Real Estate Professional.  Website marketing to drive traffic to your site is essential, but often challenging and confusing. Since it is so important, but so overwhelming, I contacted the Experts of Real Estate SEO and the hosts of the most popular SEO podcast on itunes: Internet Marketing – Unknown Secrets of SEO – Chris Burres and Charles Lewis.  E-webstyle shares valuable Search Engine Optimization tips and provide SEO training specifically for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers on this episode.  This Real Estate coaching and training session is a must for anyone wanting more web presence for their Real Estate Business.  Enjoy.

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Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Real Estate with e-webstyle

Hey Everybody, Welcome to this week’s Realtor Roundtable.  My name is Daren Phillipy, CEO of Phillipy Consulting.  This week is an awesome week. It’s a great, great topic. It’s going to be all SEO, Search Engine Optimization specifically for Realtors. To cover that topic, I figured we might as well go straight to the experts; I contacted the hosts of the podcast that I listen to when it comes to learning everything about SEO. Chris Burres Owner of E-webstyle, and Charles Lewis, Internet Marketing Specialist, AKA “The SEO Rapper”. They host THE most popular SEO podcast on itunes, It’s called, “Internet Marketing – Unknown Secrets of SEO”.

Now let me give you a little bit of background before we actually get into the interview with these guys.  I have been listening to these guys for the last 6 or 7 months or so, and the knowledge they have about SEO, and the way they are able to share it and teach Search Engine Optimization is pretty amazing.

Chris Burres is the owner of E-Webstyle.  He has been an entrepreneur since 1991 when he started a Carbon Nano-Materials manufacturing company, SES Research.  In 1999 with a graphic design partner he opened E-Webstyle, a website design and development company.  Chris started performing search engine optimization in 2001.  When E-Webstyle started offering the service of 1st page search engine placement to their clients, Chris was responsible for co-creating and is currently the co-host of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes “Internet Marketing –  Unknown Secrets of SEO”.  In this position Chris is an internationally recognized expert in SEO.

Charles Lewis has been involved with Internet Marketing doing Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) since 2002.  He is recognized for his ability to organically put websites on the first page of major search engines.  He is also recognized for his unique ability to put the methodologies and techniques of SEO, into a format the average person can understand.  In additional to corporate and event training he is also internationally recognized as The SEO Rapper.  Charles has written several songs covering the gamut of Internet Marketing processes.  These raps have been listened to over 800,000 times.

So definitely, a ton of experience, both these guys bring to us, over 20 years combined experience with it comes to internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  I am really, really excited to have them.  Thanks again, I want you to take notes.  You guys are going to love this. Now we will go ahead and start the interview.


Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Alright guys! Thanks a ton. We are here with the most popular SEO podcast on itunes. Is that right?

Chris: Wooho Yes!

Charles: It’s just because of you.

Phillipy: Ha Ha! Yea, it’s just because of me. The internet marketing unknown secrets of SEO.  We’re here with Chris Burres and Charles Lewis or the SEO Rapper. Let me give you guys little background of all the listeners. I have over the last, maybe seven to ten months turned into a complete computer geek and I have pretty much owe everything to what these guys say. They have a very popular podcast that is on itunes. It’s also on their website, we will talk about that. What they do is cover internet marketing in a way where just a regular guy like me can completely understand it. When I wanted to do an interview with an SEO guy, I turn straight to Chris. Chris is a total stud and said “yeah I’m totally up for it, can we get Chuck too?” So if you guys, after you guys get done listening to me, I want you to do a couple of things and tell you what to do later on, but I want you to download one of their podcast, and listen to it, because you were going to learn a ton if you want to get involved into internet marketing.

First! I’ve like to have a little background with Chris Burres and Charles Lewis

Chris! Tell me about your little background please.

Chris: So a…. We started a web style. I’m the owner of web style we started the web style on 1999 as a web design company. We pretty quickly learned that as you finish a website clients would come back either the day they release the website or almost exactly thirty days later and say, “okay great! thank you for the wonderful website. How I get my website on the first page of Google?” At the time we we’re two-man Company and the task of doing search engine optimization I would’ve been performed by me and frankly some of those tasks. I wasn’t interested in doing. I have a lot of programming projects at the time and also didn’t have the time to do as more and more customers came on board as more and more customers kept clamoring for getting on the first page of Google, it became more and more clear that we needed to do search engine optimizations for clients.  Ultimately what we found is that we have a better long-term relationship with our clients when we do the entire internet marketing as opposed to just web design and development. Website is necessary certainly for realtors you have to have a website. Daren you and I were talking and the biggest key for Realtors is networking, we know that. If you hand a business card at a networking event and they go to your website and it doesn’t impart the value and quality of service you give to your clients, you may not get that person that the client the survey have that reliability and credibility website. E- webstyle is now really focused on the entire internet marketing package and frankly we’re focused on that because of the addition of Charles charting and to our team, probably now it’s a good time for Charles to tell a little bit about himself.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Awesome!! Thanks!

Charles: Okay, well I am Charles Lewis, AKA The SEO Rapper. Long story short. I have been doing internet marketing for almost nine years now. I worked for a couple different agencies here in Huston and another in Atlanta.  My specialty is taking these websites, and making sure that Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize the sites, and make them rank on the first page for various key phrases.  That’s what I do.  That’s my day job. That’s what I do here at E-webstyle.  Any new clients we get, it is my job to consult, meet with them, and make sure we understand what they offer and what they are trying to accomplish.  And therefore imparting what we need to do to accomplish that goal.  With the SEO Rapper, to be frank, I love hip-hop, I love rap music, and I like to write rap music.  So one day I decided to merge the two, and it worked.  SO I began rapping about marketing, I would rap about sitting in front of the computer.  We shot some videos, and put it on Youtube for fun, and people actually liked it.  So I keep doing it.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Awesome! Chuck, we are going to get into this later. I tell you, you specifically, when you broke down some of the keywords and how to build keywords and find your keywords, I use your formula. I would say that’s one of the really key things that help me know what to do and came to that. We will talk about that later but I want to thank you for that.

Chris: No Problem!

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Um, now, the other thing is, you guys at the current time you have episode 137 up and going. That you bet about sixty eight plus hours of podcasting, sixty eight hours of information.

Chris: We just actually finished at 140 today.  We actually broadcast live video of our project live on ustream on Friday morning. Then you’re what you’re talking about is it takes about a month first process, pull out the audio add some good music at the beginning and end, actually get it transcribed. Then put that on your blog and release the audio so there is about a month delay in the actual podcast that have been made and which ones are available on itunes.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Perfect! Thanks for clarifying that. Just to let you know our whole goal is to get all of those 68 hours of information down to about 45 minutes that we are going to be dealing with. If you you’ll be able to do that, both of you guys get a punch in the face. Alright?

Chris: (laughing)…  You have been listening to the podcast.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I’m not gonna get into the entire thing you guys talking about. But I want to let everybody know being punched in the face, very good thing. You will have to listen.

Chris: Hey!.. In our podcast today when you get a chance to look at the 140, there is a new term we have added phrases like punch in the face kick in the shins and in edutainment there’s a new one which is “punchicational.”

Charles: Yea, today you will get punchucated.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I love to be punchicated!..(laughing)

Chris: Prepared to be punchicated! (laughing)

Darren: Right on!  You guys heard it here first guys. Let’s tear into.  Since you guys are the experts. I’ve only got a few months under my belt.

My listeners are Realtors, real estate professionals, mortgage officers, mortgage loan officers and if there was a loan officer realtor out that wanted to start having some sort of web presence.  What would you say would be that in the first few steps to start getting involved in online marketing, social media website stuff if you could have summarize it?

Chris: Well, let me start this off and then I’ll hand it over the Chuck, because he is the internet marketing specialist is here. First as you guys realize that real estate and we lump that in with actually insurance, not as a similar industry, but in terms of challenging web presence industries. Real estate is incredibly challenging. If you’re in a high density market and you’re going to pursue search engine optimization, you really need to be focused in.  We always say the important the most important aspect of search engine optimization is keywords and the real estate has Location, Location, Location. SEO has Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.  Houston is the fourth largest city in the country and if you want to rank well for the term real estate Houston, you have a mountain to climb in order to get there. If the search engine optimization is the thing to focus on then, and Darren, you and I were talking about the region that are around Las Vegas, in your case, and around Houston, it would be like Baytown potentially Galveston, those are kind of suburbs around the Houston metropolitan area that they have a chance of doing well. Having said that, with real estate, you think you have to have a very specific strategy and frankly that strategy needs to be a strategy that supports your networking efforts your know your feet on the ground looking efforts. I am sure Charles has a lot to add to that.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Before I get Charles into that. Charles, I apologize about that. I do wanna to touch on this one of the things that I want to cover. Charles, don’t forget where you say alright. I think, to kind of dumb dump for everybody.  People are to be able to sit there and say “Austin real estate” or “Las Vegas real estate” or “Texas real estate”, They’re not gonna be able to get on the first page of Google, because all these other big companies like and they are going to have the power and the clout to be able to be there. What Chris is talking about is finding smaller keywords that are more specific to your market, more specific to your area.  By using those smaller long-tail keywords they might touch on, where the key to be able to get recognized in the local area. Is that right?

Chris: That’s a great Segway Charles was probably going to say it.

Charles:  Yea, That’s right. You hit it right on the head Daren.  In an industry like real estate, like what Chris was saying, or for that matter, real estate, heath industry, insurance, or attorneys.  These are very competitive, high density industries. In order to crack a first page listing, on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, for that matter, it definitely takes the clout that has.  And For a big city like Vegas or Huston, It is almost impossible, to be honest with you.  You definitely want to target the smaller areas.  But the question you asked me was what are some of the first things you should do?  First off, I would say, your web site.  Your web site is always going to be your foundation of your internet marketing.  If you are doing pay per click marketing, then you are driving some sort of paid traffic to some page on your website. If you are doing SEO, you want your website to rank in the search engines.  If you are doing any social media marketing, then all these social profiles, and links that you send out, always go back to your website.  So the first think to do is to make sure your web site is A1, that it is built right.  Make sure that it is optimized for what you are targeting. Make sure that it is functional as a look and feel, and that it targets the demographic that you are going after.  Once you do that, then you can shift gears to what sort of internet marking you want to do.  SEO is tuff for real estate.  I would switch gears for more of a social approach, because real estate is very “word of mouth” type of industry.  When I know when people are looking for apartments or looking to lease a home or looking to buy a home, they always ask, “Who is your mortgage person?” “Who is your Realtor?” They don’t really search first, they ask first.  Social media is the new age, word of mouth.  So I would start there probably.  Then go into SEO.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Oh! That’s perfect!! That’s exactly what I was looking for. What I want to do is dig a little deeper. As you said, number one, make sure that you have a good functioning and optimized website, and then number 2, use social media to be able to do your marketing and your networking. If I was just getting into this and I needed to have a website, most real estate companies provide a company website that it will be like real estate and then that real estate person’s name. It’s just kind of a template type thing and a lot of times there’s also other companies out there that provide templates for these websites. I’ve found that there’s some challenges are some disadvantages to some of these template sites and when I know. In your opinion, what would be a good option for somebody who wanted to start up a good base for website?

Chris: I can speak to that.  A template website does have a lot of challenges. You know, it certainly if your long-term goal is to grow your real estate business.  Your collection of business, to the point where you can actually entertain doing search engine optimization in key targeted areas, you really need a custom website. The number one issue that you will have, and we can give a little bit of technical detail here, is that what’s called duplicate content. The search engines, specifically Google when it finds duplicate content. that’s in of the same text onto different webpages, when it find that it works to determine which webpage is the originator of that content and then throws the rest of the webpages that have duplicated that content into the supplemental. In the case of, whatever, I tell you Keller Williams website that has agent after agent after agent with the exact same content; those agents really won’t ever show up on the first page of Google unless you type those agent names for this.

One of the benefits of Google as they don’t penalize you so bad that you never show up, you’re just not sure for the terms that you need to. So you can only get original content when you actually have control of your whole website. Another thing that we find is the 2 key components of a website are what are called CTA and USP.  CTA is going to be your call to action, and your USP is your unique selling proposition. So CTA maybe it’ll pick up the phone and call, get a free consultation on your home value or something like that to actually cause them to either, fill out a form maybe sign-up for newsletter, or actually give you a call depending on what your goal is.  The USP, unique selling proposition, it’s real estate, so we all know that the only USP for Realtors is great customer service, great experience and maybe a unique view that they may have on how to address a particular real estate market.  So you want to find that niche and frankly, there’s probably 10 others that are in the same area, kind of going after that same niche, but you’ll use it and talk about it because that differentiate you when somebody surfing multiple websites.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Awesome ….

Charles: A deeper thing of what you were referring to Chris, I think of war. During war, you tend to use the enemy against them.  Whatever they are doing better than you.  In regards to the template version of a site, let’s say a Keller Williams, and if I was a, while that is a template site, and it does have duplicate content, it probably won’t rank well, the root domain, Keller Williams probably ranks extremely well, and has a huge share of the market.  What you do is create that custom site, with all of your unique content,   and the USP, you specialize in the Northwest part of Vegas, and I have been in this area for 20 years.  Whatever it is, you make sure you highlight that, and make sure you like back to your profile on Keller Williams. Make sure you do have that profile, Make sure you do have the right concept there. So Google will recognize your name is in both places, this site is custom, but that they are getting what we call “link juice” from Keller Williams.  Then, at least, that template page won’t necessarily; you can use it to help rank your custom website rank well.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Oh man! That’s awesome!! You’re genius!

Chris: Yes he is!

Real Estate Coach Phillipy:  That’s really.. Really… good idea. A lot of people are wondering, what do I do if this template site that can really help me too much what is my option. I think that is a killer idea. To create your own custom site and have used that link juice from the larger companies to you. That’s great idea. Real quick, what options do I have when it comes to building a site myself? If I did decide not to use E-webstyle or some of the other options out there?

Chris: Ah…That is a great question. I think, we tend to be a WordPress house.  Wordpress is a nice, have fairly straightforward software to work with, to be able to edit and change your profile. I’ll be honest, if you can afford it, don’t have another template site. In this particular example, in the scenario you already have a Keller Williams template site. Whatever you do you’re going to make a difference in your site and you want to approach it differently then you typically can with just it a template. Darren, you’ve done some of the designed, so you can probably speak to your experience and maybe some frustration that you’ve had not being of the competition exactly what you wish you could.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: yeah!! That’s actually a really great thing is I have built a few sites at this point right now all through WordPress. The cool thing about WordPress is you can kind of be an idiot like me and not have a clue, and not really know how to build websites and you go to that learning curve. Once you go through that learning curve, it’s not that big of a deal. Taking that on also while you’re kind to run your business I can see how huge distraction to you developing a business. I can understand using a third-party to build your custom site on WordPress, where I think would probably be the best solution for the ones that do not want to totally go through that learning curve of WordPress. Once you know once the site is built on that WordPress site, it very easy to use and very simple is what I found.

Charles: I will build a website on WordPress any day. I have spent some time with one of the founders, so it is definitely my content management system of choice.  I think one of the things to keep in mind is that while it is very simple to use, it is also very robust.  They come with themes as well, Templates. If you only use those templates it comes with, then you are facing some of the restrictions like any of those template platforms, like let’s say, or some of the ones running national ads. I would definitely concur with what Chris said, if it is in your budget, if it is not us, that anybody to build you a custom WordPress website.  So that way you could benefit from the different SEO plugins and all the features that it has. You won’t be restricted with the limitations like the templates

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Perfect!! Cool!! Thanks a ton for that. A couple things that I like to ask you, then we will break for the  . . . break.  HA! The last thing I would like to cover.  I don’t think we have actually covered exactly what SEO is, what it’s all about, and the purpose of it, just to kind of break it down to a guy like me.

Chris: What it is interesting. Our podcast 140 actually we cover that.  We literally did that this morning the word a good position and blow through that rule quickly. What we covered was what is SEO and why you need it. The SEO is the process of getting onto the first page of the search engines, what we call organically. So when you do a search, and what is the difference between organic and nonorganic when you go to search across the top and across the right, there’s a shaded area, it may say ads it may say sponsored and that’s what called paper click. So when somebody clicks on those, a company incurs a charge for that click.

In the big space in the middle often there are a couple things. One there’s organic listing and there’s also Google local places listings. We are going to talk about Google, because it is about eighty percent of the market. Those Google local places listings, people are familiar seeing them and break it with there have the pushpins in about a map that’s related to the pushpins. All of that is the organic area. Why do you want to do SEO? Google make literally billions off of the paid paper quick sections, so the sponsor your ads section that’s across the top and across the right. Google readily admit that seventy five percent of clicks that ever happened on the website actually happening that organic or Google local places area. That’s why as much as we may push back about large industries in broad terms like real estate Houston. There is value when you start getting into things like, you know you mentioned the other day Daren, you mentioned a short sale and some smaller area around Las Vegas. There is value there because of this type that and doesn’t quit it’s more likely to click the organic area they may articulate the sponsor that area

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Perfect, that is exactly what I wanted to cover.  Actually, kind of as a teaser I think what I would like to do wrapping them now for the first part of via the podcast and what I would like to cover in the second half, which you guys need to actually join my Business  Booster so you can actually get this stuff because this stuff is GOOD!  We are going to talk a little bit about keywords. How you find your keywords. What is the process of doing that? We are also going to talk about using social media and how important that is as a small-business owner. Then I also share some tips and a couple tricks. Then also I shared kind of a success story that internet marketing truly does work. I’m totally a living proof that if you do things properly and consistently, you will get to where you need to be and you will actually drive traffic organically and I just real quick check how much does organic traffic cost.

Charles: How much it cost? Well it depends, our pricing structure it really based on the level of competition, the industry, and how much effort it is going to take to get the result we want.  It could range anywhere from, you know, $1,000 on up.  It depends on the industry. I think a better question would be of “what is the value of that click?”  If you are in the real estate industry and someone clicking on your site could potentially result in the purchase of a home or the sale of a home, you getting commission on the sale, then that’s probably worth, you know, $20k or $30k.  If that’s the case then I think you look at how much SEO costs differently.   The generic answer would be, a couple thousand dollars on up.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I was hoping you were going to say ZERO. (laughing)

Chris: Well, you know what? You use to be able to say that when it was a much simpler process. Even you Darren, you spent time listening or podcast. You’ve put forth effort and following the guidelines of the podcasts and you’ve gotten on the first page and that is going to start generating value. As a coach, I know one thing that you tell your Realtors is, “your time has value” Right? So, it’s not free right? It’s one of those things that we do have to get convince; well typically we don’t have to convince our clients once we start breaking things down that way. Before we got to the break, I would like to say #1, sign up for his programs so you can hear the information we cover because we are about to giveaway some really good stuff.  And #2, please find us, you can find out at and you actually find our podcast at

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I know you guys have another podcast that I think is super cool would you talk about that’s real briefly?

Chris: Yeah!! Our other podcast is called “Unknown Secrets of SEVO website analysis.” So SEVO stands for search engine visitor optimization. It’s a real big focus of ours.  Once we drive traffic to your website whether it be from social whether it be from search engine optimization whether it be from what we call PFE, Pay for Exposure, which includes paper click. What do you do with that traffic? So in that podcast, we actually analyze a website from both an SEO perspective and from SEVO perspective.  In fact, we are going to do something a little fun here; we are going to be recording some of those podcasts today. We are gonna pull up and do a web analysis of it.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Yeah! That’s what I like. I’ll tell you, you’re welcome be harsh with me because I am all about making myself better, but just don’t make me cry.

Chris: Well, I tell ya, normally were not that harsh. We are actually, “This is good and this is bad”.  Now I got to know you, so I think we’re just going to really go after it.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I’d rather have you be jerks to me and that make me make me fix it then be nice to me and think that much of my sites so sweet and stuff. You know what I mean?

Chris: That’s a good point.

Charles: We try to be honest and open with our clients.  Even if I am being sweet, it will be sweet, with rules.  A velvet glove over the steel hand if you will. (laughing)

Chris: And that, of course is related the “the punch in the face”.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Oh, sweet!!! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Seriously guys, I can’t thank you enough for spending the time. I just talk to me and my client. This is a big deal and it means a lot to me, so I do appreciate it.

Chris: No problem!!

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: I would like to do is, do you have anything else to say before I wrap this baby up? Oh okay perfect.  I’m gonna hand this over to you guys and you do what you guys do best which is wrapped things up by saying how you find me and all that kind of stuff just like on your own show.

Chris and Charles: Hey, Darren thing so much for having us on it’s been a pleasure. Just for your audience, the way that they can find us. They can actually stock us.  The way they do that, they can go to,, You can also send an e-mail at You may not have mentioned, we are the host of the most popular SEO podcast on itunes, so come check it out at

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: You guys are stud!! Seriously, thank you so much.

Chris: All right, take care Daren.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: Thanks Guys.

Real Estate Coach Phillipy: All right. That was definitely a good interview.  I want to thank Chris Burrus and Charles Lewis for taking the time to speak with us.  The information they shared with us was extremely helpful and valuable.  As experts of SEO and internet marketing, those spending this time with us was super cool.  So thanks a ton.  Now, we did mention a couple things.  We did mention that this is only the first half of the interview.  If you wanted to get the second half of the interview and hear all the good stuff that Chris was just bragging about, you are going to need to join Business Booster.  That is my one on one coaching system that is available to you.  It’s only $25. Even this episode it’s self would be worth that.  But it cost $25 a month and you get access to interview like this, along with 1 on 1 Real Estate coaching, and exclusive coaching videos.  Along with my simple social media tutorials.  So if you would like to gain access to the rest of this interview, or you have some things you would like to implement into your business, join Business Booster.  You could find it at There you will be able to find my Business Booster along with a ton of other helpful information and resources. Again, thanks a ton Chris and Charles for taking the time to speak with me, and for everyone that is listening, thanks a ton. If you enjoyed this, please share this with your friends.  Let them know that there is this free information out there on itunes or on my website.  That would be super cool.  Now go out and take action today.


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