Simplify Your Social Media

Does social media take up too much of your time?

Would you like a simpler way to use social media in your business?

Do you want to implement social media in your business, but you don’t know where to start?

Watch this video below to see how to set up your own SIMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA SYSTEM

Simple Social Media

  • 10 Tutorials
  • 90 Minutes of Training
  • AND We Can Build It For You

  • Everyone Is Doing It

    I know! Everyone is saying how important social media is in your real estate business. Well, they are right. Social media is essential in business, especially if your business is based upon referrals.

  • Where To Find 800 Million Buyers

    Seriously, just on Facebook alone, there are 800 MILLION active users. My guess is some of them plan on buying, selling or refinancing their home soon. They could be YOUR prospects if you were there, interacting with them.

  • If You Aren't Using Social Media, Your Missing A Key Tool

    Social media alone may not be the tool to get business, but it’s another powerful way to communicate with your contacts. Just like your phone and your email, social media, if used properly, will drive prospects to your real estate business. If you aren’t using social media right now, it’s like you are trying to build your business without a phone or email. Social media is not an option any more.

We have created 10 Tutorials totaling 90 minutes of content that show you step by step how to set up your own SIMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA SYSTEM and how to effectively use them in an efficient and effective way.

We have created 3 simple ways to get YOU started in Social Media.

  • Purchase Simple Social Media Tutorials that We have created to step you though the process of building a simple, efficient, and effective social media system
  • Join Business Booster and gain access to the Simple Social Media Tutorials AND receive personal 1 on 1 coaching, access to top producing real estate professionals across the country, and weekly coaching videos created to motivate you and increase your business.
  • Purchase the option where WE will build and customize your Simple Social Media System. You also will have access to all the tutorials and training
You Do It – Simple Social Media System
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We Do It – Simple Social Media System
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Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite Set Up Blog/Web Site Set Up Designed and Customized
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  5. Simple Social Media Tutorials – You gain access to 10 step by step tutorials (90 minutes of training) on how to set up a SIMPLE Social Media System which includes: gmail, Google Alerts, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Linkedin,  and Hootsuite.  It also includes training on blog/web site program showing you how to build and design a powerful blog/web site for FREE.

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