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Real Estate Agent Safety

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Real Estate Agent Safety

Recent national news of real estate agent, Beverly Carter, who was attacked and killed inspired this podcast.  May she rest in peace.  I dedicate this episode to her.

I contacted self defense experts and trainers Ken and Maggie Ortega to discuss ways real estate agents can protect themselves from “super villains” that are out their in the world praying on real estate agents.  Ken and Maggie share their expertise and provide some simple tips for real estate agents to follow when showing homes and working with clients or prospects that will keep them all parties safe.  The words they share are simple, but powerful and easy to implement in any Realtor who has a desire to protect them self.  May this podcast help prevent and/or protect other real estate agents in the future.

This is an important episode.  Thank you Ken and Maggie Ortega for sharing their knowledge and expertise on such short notice.  May you enjoy it and provide a little more safety and protection for the future.  This is a must listen.

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